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Bank is providing ATM facility, at  Main Branch ‘Samruddhi’, Gadkari Chowk, Old Agra Road, Nashik and Mahatma Nagar Branch, Dr.Moonje Marg, Near Bhonsala Military School,Nashik.

Janalaxmi Co-operative Bank Ltd., Nashik (Scheduled Bank) is theDepository Participant of N.S.D.L.  Our Demat Department offers a facility to open an account of Depository Services at our Bank’s Head Office.  The services are available for the equities and debt instruments in depository segment on NSE/BSE.The operations are as simple as operating a saving bank will deposit the physical shares with us and receive a statement of account showing the details of your various holdings, or youcan open account without any share and when the time is opportune,you can buy the shares for credit into your account. You can get back your shares in physical form, if ever you want.The process of converting physical shares into electronic forms (Shares)Is called Dematerilization (Demat) and reverse process that is Converting of electronic shares into physical shares is called Rematerilization (Remat).

We offered following Demat Services -
1.   Demat Account
2.   Dematerialisation
3.   Rematerialisation
4.   Market Transfer
5.   Off Market Transfer
6.   Inter Depository Transfer
7.   Pledge
8.   Transmission
9.   Nomination
10. Mobile Alerts (Debit / Credit)

Requirement for opening Demat Account -

1.   Copy of PAN Card
2.   Address proof
3.   Bank Account details

Note - No Annual Service Charges for Demat Account.

Franking :
Bank is appointed by Government of Maharashtra as Authorised Franking services provider and bank is providing Franking services as its Jadhav Tower Extension Counter,Jadhav Towerm Ashok Stambh, Nahsik and at Nahsik Road Branch,Bytco Point,Mithila Building,Nahsik-Road,Nashik.

Issuance of PAN Card:

Bank is authorised service provider of issuance of PAN Card.
The forms for issuance of PAN Card is available and accepted (dully filled by customers) at bank’s all Branches and Extensions Counters.

M.S.E.B Bills Collections :
Bank is authorised to collect M.S.E.B.Bills. The M.S.E.B Bills are accepted at bank’s all branches and Extensions Counters.

Telephone Bills Collection :
Bank is authorised to collect Telephone Bills. The Telephone Bills were accepted at bank’s all branches and Extensions Counters.

Tie-up with Bajaj Allainz Insurance Co-Ltd and IFFCO-TOKIO  Insurance Ltd.,

Bank is having tie-up with Bajaj Allainz Insurance Co-Ltd., for Life Insurance and bank is also having tie-up with IFFCO-TOKIO  Insurance Ltd., for General Insurance.

Member of DICGC for Deposit Insurance :
Bank is member of DICGC therefore, the deposit amount of the depositor upto Rs. 1 Lac is insured with the bank.

Samruddhi Tax Saving Scheme :
Tax Saving under 80c, the terms deposit for min 5 years. Attractive rate of interest @9% p.a will be given on investment.


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